Jimmy and Cari - CurrentJim Cardon

“Welcome to our site, I’m Jim Cardon. I met my wife Cari, in 7th grade. We have 3 children, Alisa (Husband – Justin), Doug (Wife – Sara), and Todd (Wife – Martha). Right now we have 8 grandsons and 1 on the way and 2 granddaughters.  

Cari has worked in real estate for my nephew Garrett, now going on 15 years. She is what I call an angel princess (She gets in the trenches with class). 

I work out of our garage and take on whatever projects seem to come up. We have a relatively small circle of contacts and I would still like to build something off the charts, mind altering. If anyone reads this and the stars of the universe align, and you need to make your dream happen, and you are looking for someone to do a mind altering woodworking project for you, that would be me!

If that doesn’t happen, it is plan B. That is for Cari to continue with nephew till her teeth fall out and I will continue to take what comes along. We have had a pretty good outlook on life so far. We feel content and are grateful for our family and our friends and wish you well.”  – Jim 

Jim and Cari 9th Grade 1974

Jim and Cari 9th Grade 1974