How To Build An 800 Square Feet Composite Deck

Porch OverhangHydraulic JackGetting Started

The first step of the project we had to use a hydraulic jack to lift the sagging porch overhang to 4 inches.  I used 6 x 6 cedar posts.

Deck Perimiterconcrete-mixStep 2

Once the posts were in place, the massive 800 square feet where the composite deck would be sitting was at a point to begin the first stages of construction. To laid out a perimeter to get a good visual outline of what the finished deck would potentially look like. This also gave us an idea where we could place the cement piers. We dug 52 piers and used up approximately 90 bags of concrete mix.


Step 3

We then began building the 2 x 8 joist spacing them every 12 inches. Once that was in place, we then locked in the sub floor to the piers with fasteners and blocking. Then we used blocking to help stiffen the sub floor. Once everything was locked in, the sub floor was ready for the composite decking.

decking-fastener-clipsStep 4

This particular decking has a slot in the sides to accept a fastener so that it can be securely screwed in on the sides rather on the top.  Once we got all the decking locked into place and cut, we added a border around the perimeter. We then added steps and covered the perimeter with skirting.

finished-deckfinished-deck-2The Finished Deck

If you’re interested in this new type of composite decking, U.S Building Supply located in Denver is the place that provides these materials.