Tools That You Will Need When You Build A 10 x 16 Foot Storage Shed

ryobi mitre sawA Sill Saw

A skill saw and jigsaw can accomplish the same task but you will get a smoother edge with a skill saw. A jigsaw will help take out those corners that can’t be reached with a skill saw.



portable dewalt table sawB Table Saw

The next tool that you will need is a portable table saw. When you’re building a shed, this machine works great with cutting particleboard and siding.




C Pneumatic Nail Gun

When you are working on the framing of the shed, a porter cable framing nail gun saves a lot of time. It used to be you had to nail in every single nail with a hammer. I have worked for construction companies that have banned this tool simply because there have been too many injuries occurring on the job. Be careful when using this nail gun. Keep your hands away at a safe distance. This can avoid a whole load of problems in the future.


porter cable pancake air compressorD Air Compressor

I like to use the porter cable pancake air compressor. I used to have air compressor’s that were a lot bigger. Over the years I have found that it is much easier to carry a smaller air compressor. It’s cheaper, it’s portable and it provides the necessary compressed air that you need when working with any type of nail gun.


12 volt cordless drillE Cordless Drill & Screws

I always like to use screws instead of nails when nailing in the particleboard to the studs. It locks it in better and makes the overall structure sturdier. The 12-volt cordless drill is light and convenient. With 2 batteries there is always a spare that can be charged. So when your drill runs out of juice, the other battery is ready and fully charged. This can save time, not having to plug and un plug cords, simply focus on what your doing with no distractions.


trim routerF Router

I also use a trim router to smooth the edges of the trim. There is an easier way to avoid this step. Sometimes there is trim at home depot or lowes that has trim already cut with smooth edges. It just depends on what type of materials you are working with.


These are the main tools that you will need to build a storage shed. There are other obvious tools that you will need such as a tape measure, square, pencils and other miscellaneous. This was a fun project that only took 8 days to build.